Venice and its favorite wine: Prosecco, of course!

Venice sospiri bridge

Venice and the Venetians love Prosecco. And there’s a reason why.

Anyone who has spent time in Venice, the city on the lagoon, knows that Prosecco is the city’s favorite wine.

Venice cuisine, not surprisingly, is based on seafood. And Prosecco, with its fresh aromas and classic salty flavors, is the ideal pairing for salty fish and seafood. Whether we’re talking about fried gobies (a Venetian classic), cuttlefish risotto, frutti di mare (assorted shellfish and seafood), soft-shell crabs, or any of the wide varieties of food from the sea, Prosecco is a traditional and delicious pairing for the dishes.

But there’s also a historic reason why Prosecco is the city’s most popular wine.

One of the reasons is that historically, Venice has always been a party town. Ever since the Middle Ages, it’s been a vacation and tourist destination thanks to its spectacular views, its beautiful architecture, and its rich collection of art works. Napoleon famously called Piazza San Marco “the most beautiful” square in Europe. And for good reason!

With its low alcohol and bubbly nature, Prosecco makes for the perfect wine for celebration and relaxation.

But perhaps the most significant reason why Prosecco became the city’s semi-official wine is that Venice lies not far from the mouth of the Piave river. The Piave made it possible to bring tree trunks down to the area from the saw mills to the north. They needed the lumber to shore up the islands over the centuries.

But it also made it easy to ship demijohns of wine from Vittorio Veneto and Treviso where Prosecco is grown and vinified. That helped to reduce cost and it also ensured a steady supply of wine even during snowy months.

You have to remember that before the industrial age, most commercial transportation was done by waterway. In fact, there were canal systems that ran all the way from Treviso to the Adriatic. Some are still viable today.

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