Glass of Bubbly, the popular British blog devoted to sparkling wines, visits Bele Casel

Luca e Paola Ferraro

Glass of Bubbly is one of the world’s most popular sites specialized exclusively in sparkling wine from across the globe.

“Family grower is certainly a correct description of Bele Casel,” wrote wine blogger Christopher Walkey this week for the popular British site devoted to sparkling wine, Glass of Bubbly.

“A warmness and closeness in how they work with family members helping to produce the wines which are now exported internationally. A farming tradition and being in the right place at the right time which led to their brand evolving since its creation over 40 years ago by working hard, learning from mistakes and seeking to make improvements in every step of their business. Maybe it is wrong to call them entrepreneurs, but it is the source of what makes a business success from a simple idea, the journey of countless mistakes to learn the craft of your business like no other and after years of trying you suddenly shine through from the quality of the work you produce.”

Click here to read the complete post, including a wonderful video interview.

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