Asolo and our Colfòndo impress leading America wine writer Tom Hyland!

Asolo Prosecco continues to grow in popularity, as more and more leading wine writers discover and enjoy it.

One of “my favorite examples of Asolo Prosecco, and easily the most unique,” writes veteran American wine writer Tom Hyland, author of the immensely popular blog, is “Col Fondo. Col Fondo can literally be translated as ‘on the floor’ or ‘on the bottom,’ but a better and more useful translation here is ‘with sediment.'”

“Col Fondo Prosecco is an ancient tradition,” he notes, “when wines here made here before modern equipment and technology came along, so a Col Fondo Prosecco is one in which the sediment remains in the bottle (on the bottom), as the wine was not disgorged.”

One example that has “really impressed me [is] the Bele Casel… [It’s] very reminiscent of a natural wine, given its muted fruit flavors and cloudy appearance… [and it is] far removed from a typical Asolo Prosecco, and are must to taste if you want to experience the variety and distinctiveness of this area’s wines.”

Thank you, Tom, for taking time out to try our wines and write about them! We look forward to seeing you again in Asolo soon!

About Tom Hyland (from his blog):

“I am a freelance wine writer and photographer specializing in the wines of Italy. I live in Chicago and recently completed my 69th trip to Italy. I have visited virutally every region in the country and am constantly amazed at the wonderful variety of wines produced from indigenous grapes (I am never amazed at the quality of the wines!). I have been in the wine business for 35 years, have been writing for 17 years and have been a professional photographer for the past eight years. I currently contrubute to publications such as Decanter and I am a freelance photographer for Cephas Picture Library in England and have had my photos published in the publications above plus several more.”

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