Toast for New Year’s! How do Italians say “happy new year”?

venice new year

An Italian toast for the new year. There are lots of way to say “happy new year” in Italian. Here are just some of them.

Buon anno! = Have a good year!

Tanti auguri di buon anno! = Many wishes for a good year!

Buon 2018! = Happy 2018!

Auguri per un meraviglioso 2018! = Have a wonderful 2018!

Felice anno nuovo! = Happy new year!

Buon capodanno! = Happy new year!

In Italy, like many countries around the world, the arrival of the new year is celebrated and marked with a toast over sparkling wine.

In many parts of Italy and around the world, people will be toasting with Prosecco. In our little corner of the country, in the Asolo hills about an hour northwest of Venice, Prosecco, of course, is the wine of choice!

There are different traditions for what to eat on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day in Italy. But in many parts of the country, most people eat stewed lentils.

In the same way that Americans in the southeastern United States eat black-eyed peas for New Year’s Eve and Day, we eat lentils as a symbol of good luck and prosperity (some say that it’s because the lentils resemble coins).

In our part of Italy, it’s also traditional to have a boiled sausage like cotechino on New Year’s. But the traditions always vary from household to household.

Wherever you will be celebrating the New Year — whether in the United Kingdom, in the United States, in Italy, or beyond — we hope you will be toasting with someone you love and eating something delicious. And of course, we encourage you to toast with our Prosecco!

Happy new year, everyone. Thanks for all your support in 2017. We looking forward to seeing you and tasting with you in 2018! Happy new year!

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