The Osteria: The perfect place to experience Prosecco Colfondo

colfondo wine glass

The natural “habitat” for Prosecco Colfondo and fans of this classic Veneto wine.

An “osteria veneta” was the backdrop for a wine blogger’s recent discovery of our Prosecco Colfòndo. And there couldn’t have been a more well suited place to try the wine for the first time.

Across Italy but particularly in Veneto, the region where the Ferraro family lives and grows grapes and makes its wines, the inn or tavern is not just a place where people go to eat. It is also a place where people go to socialize and connect with friends and family. And there is an entire culture that thrives around the inn keeper and the inn: Wholesome, homey food, inexpensive and approachable wines that pair perfectly with the cuisine, and a general spirit of hospitality that makes everyone feel welcome.

One day when she was having dinner at a classic Veneto tavern, writes Ilaria (one of the contributors to a blog called “We Taste Wine”), she had her first encounter with our Prosecco Colfòndo (her first taste of a true Prosecco col fondo wine).

“I was entering into a new world, and I wasn’t scared at all. With a good dose of curiosity and excitement, I tasted my very first Prosecco col fondo; I was totally enchanted by it!”

Here’s her tasting note:

“The color was straw yellow, quite veiled, with a light and persistent foam made of fine bubbles.”

“It took some minutes to open up, but then the perfumes showed up one after the other. White flowers, pears, cedro, bread dough, a ginger shade. But this was not definitive: the more I left the wine in the glass, more notes emerged.”

“I drank it as aperitif but, thanks to its savory and freshness, I think it would be great also with white meat or aged cheese.”

The wine was recommended to her by — yes, you guessed it — the owner of the osteria!

Thank you Ilaria for enjoying the wine and sharing your wonderful post. We can’t think of a better place to learn about our favorite wine for the first time!

Image via We Taste Wine.

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