Frittelle, the famous fried fritters of Venice and official food of Carnevale


It wouldn’t be Carnevale in Venice with this dish!

Frittelle is the Italian word. Fritole is the Venetian dialect word for this wonderful dish.

Fried dough, fritters in English, dusted with powdered sugar are served in Venice, the Veneto region, and across Italy during the period of Carnevale, which ends on Mardi Gras (or Martedì Grasso in Italian), Feast Tuesday, next week.

It is one of the Veneto region’s most beloved dishes but it is only prepared and served at this time of year.

To prepare them, you essentially make a batter using flour, eggs, butter, milk, and beer yeast. You can add vanilla bean to flavor the batter and you can also add raisins (ideally golden raisins) to give the fritters more flavor and more sweetness.

You then fry them in oil. You can use extra-virgin olive oil (which is what will give them the best flavor in our humble opinion). But you can also use vegetable oil or peanut oil, which is considered to be the “cleanest” of frying oils.

It’s one of those ubiquitous dishes this time of year and it just seems to pair really well with the cold weather and the festive mood of Carnevale.

And of course, what better wine to pair with a dish like this — a super traditional Veneto dish — than Prosecco. Our recommendation would be to pair with a Prosecco Extra Dry: The gentle sweetness works well with this dish. But they are so savory in character that you can also go with a much drier style of Prosecco (at the end of the day, we always love our Prosecco Colfòndo with everything!).

The one thing about fritole is that you have to eat them piping hot, right out of the frier! That’s when they are the best.

Happy Carnevale, everyone! And happy Mardi Gras!

Image via the Treviso Province Independent Grape Growers Facebook.

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