Spring freeze and fall rainfall aside, September delivered a solid harvest. Prosecco Diaries…

The 2017 harvest turned out better than we expected.

The spring freeze had us really worried. But in the end 2017 turned out to be a very good vintage for us.

With the arrival of September 2017 came the harvest and the wonderful satisfaction of a new vintage in the cellar. Despite the fact that we lost an entire vineyard with the April freeze, the harvest went a lot better than what we expected. After the rainfall during the first week of the month, the grapes were plump, full of flavor and mineral character.

We started earlier than usual on September 1 and we finished on September 14 just before the rain started to fall again. Had we not picked when we did, the rain could have caused problems in terms of mildew and rot in the vineyards.

It was a very swift harvest with acidity levels dropping quickly day after day. We worked as hard as we could to get as much fruit to the cellar as possible in the shortest amount of time. It was a complicated vintage but not as difficult as the 2014 harvest, which was affected by rain, the 2015 vintage, which was affected by drought, or the 2016 vintage, when there was an outbreak of peronospora.

September 1: The 2017 harvest begins.

vendemmia 2016 prosecco

September 4: There’s no greater reward than a beautiful bunch of Glera grapes!

grappolo glera asolo prosecco

That afternoon we began picking by hand in our Cornuda vineyard.

September 6: When we saw the weather forecast, we shifted over to our Alessandra vineyard, in Castelli di Monfumo.

le pendenze non sono di certo d’aiuto

September 7: We had to take a break because of rain. What’s better than a game of cards to bolster our team spirit?

pausa vendemmia prosecco

September 8: A bucket of Glera grapes.

secchi glera prosecco asolo superiore

We stayed up all night long working the press.

September 13: For the second year in a row, we received word that we were awarded the Snail prize by the editors of the Slow Wine Guide, their top prize. We also won a Slow Wine prize. We couldn’t be happier!

bele casel chiocciola slow wine

In the meantime, we continued to pick grapes in Monfumo.

vendemmia monfumo bianchetta

vendemmia manuale monfumo prosecco

September 14: We finished harvesting the 2017 crop just 5 minutes before the rain started to fall!

vendemmia pioggia asolo docg

September 22: We returned to our vineyard in Monfumo. This time we weren’t in a hurry. ☺

September 27: The period following the harvest is relatively slow for us. We took advantage of the lull to work on farm machinery and our tool shack.

manutenzione post vendemmia prosecco

manutenzione post vendemmia bele casel

Author: Bele Casel

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