Harvest is over but there’s plenty of work to do in the vineyard: Prosecco Diaries October

Unusual weather conditions have added to the work we need to do in the vineyard.

Harvest is finally over but that doesn’t mean that everything slows down at the winery and that we can look forward to long days with nothing to do but relax. In fact, this year, things got really busy right away.

We spent numerous days working in our Pra’ Grande vineyard this month. We shored up the rows and we planted cover crops. We fixed up the stakes and iron wires. And we fixed the anchors and the ties.

We were a little worried because we are experiencing yet another dry month. The plants will have trouble budding and the ground needs to be damp. Instead the soil is totally dry.

Unusually high temperatures have caused the grasses to grow. And we were forced to mow very late in the year.

We continue to fertilize using only manure. And this year we scattered the manure through the vineyard. We decided to do it like this because we want to compare the results with those from last year when we only distributed the manure beneath the vines themselves.

October 5: The work in the Pra’ Grande vineyard continues.

vigna pra' grande monfumo

Shoring up the iron wires in the rows.

lavori vigna pra' grande

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present the “yellow soil of our Pra’ Grande vineyard”…

terra gialla pra' grande

October 6: Fall/Winter Collection 2018. Bepi, who guards our Pra’ Grande vineyard, gets a new look.

bepi monfumo pra' grande

October 10: Regular maintenance.

bepi guardiano vigna pra' grande

October 14: The annual Slow Wine tasting where the award-winners present their wines.

slow wine bele casel montecatini

October 20: A ColFòndo tasting presented by Stefano Caffari.

degustazione colfondo ais caffarri

degustazione prosecco colfondo

October 20: When you look carefully at the landscape in Asolo where we grow our grapes, you realize that Asolo and Valdobbiadene have more things in common than you would think.

morfologia colli asolani

25 Ottobre: Sfalcio erba a Monfumo, come sempre manual

October 25: We mow between the rows in Monfumo. As always, the mowing is done manually.

sfalcio erba monfumo

autunno vigna monfumo

Author: Bele Casel

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