ALMA was pouring our 2015 ColFòndo when we visited last November: Prosecco Diaries

November 2017 was a busy month for us!

ALMA, the cooking school in Colorno (Parma), was a highlight this month.

November, as always, is the month when we stay away from the vineyards in order to concentrate our efforts on the wines and our clients.

Every day, we taste the wines in our cellar and we compare notes as we determine what’s the best path forward.

The wines are taking a lot of time to clarify this year. But there are doing fine otherwise.

They have a lot of structure and balanced mineral character, the two common denominators for this vintage.

The other thing that we will remember about the 2017 vintage is that this year, we have a few empty tanks because of the spring frost.

As always, we wait until November to talk about how are wines are doing. And we are happy to report that we are really pleased with this year’s results.

November 1: The beloved hills of Asolo, the Colli Assolani.

colli asolani asolo docg

November 2: We were mentioned in Spirito di Vino!

“We recommend tasting the 2015 Prosecco ColFòndo by Bele Casel. It has aromas of pear and white peach. Very approachable in the mouth, this light wine has a savory and fruit flavors. Made using Glera grapes and other varieties native to the Asolo hills like Bianchetta, Perera, Rabbiosa, and Marzemina Bianca, this wine is farmed organically. And it has the classic cloudiness.”

spirito di vino bele casel asolo

November 3: We just rack once. The wines are taking a while to clarify. But they will get there in time.

base spumante asolo prosecco docg

November: Monfumo in all its splendor.

monfumo bele casel

November 8: Thanks to Seth for this wonderful photo, taken in one of our favorite restaurants in Honolulu, The Pig and the Lady.

colfondo honolulu bele casel

“Wait, what? At first glance, this was a curious pairing. Prosecco, native to Veneto in northern Italy, is a light, dry sparkling wine with bright expressive aromas and flavors of green apple, honeydew melon, pear, and honeysuckle. With all of this fruit bursting from the glass, prosecco usually presents rather sweet. Not the first wine to come to mind for this rich, earthy, creamy course.”

“This wine, however, was no ordinary prosecco. The Bele Casel Colfòndo Prosecco uniquely utilizes a fermentation process similar to the Champagne method, with secondary fermentation occurring in the bottle (rather than large tanks typical for prosecco). In a diversion from the Champagne method, the yeast is not disgorged and instead remains in the bottle until consumed. As a result, the wine possessed complex flavors of fruit and earthiness, with a texture that paired excellently with the creamy mushroom filling and flaky pastry. In typical prosecco style, the finish was dry, cleansing the palate and leaving you ready for the next course.”

The above comes from the blog Musings by the Glass.

November 10: We had a magnificent evening with Saggi Bevitori (the “Wise Drinkers”). We were able to share Bele Casel’s story with more than 60 wine lovers.

Thank you, Saggi Bevitori!

November 19: Unearthed wines, 2017, Helsinki. People seemed to love the ColFòndo 2016 and the Extra Brut.

bele casel helsinki

Thank you Vinonostrum!

November 20: Bele Casel and Aqua Crua at ALMA in Colorno. An evening hosted by the international culinary school there. They happened to be pouring our 2015 ColFòndo, which was showing beautifully.

bele casel alma colorno

November 21: We start pruning in our Caerano vineyard. We can see the damage created by the spring freeze. It’s going to be the thing that this vintage is remembered for. That’s a cane ruined by the freeze when it had 3-4 buds on it.


November 25: The Mercato dei Vini is finally here! It’s the biggest fair we take part in and so we need some big wheels!

mercato fivi bele casel

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