La Cucina Italiana: Bele Casel Colfòndo is “dangerously drinkable.”

cucina italiana

Italy’s premier food magazine recommends our wine!

La Cucina Italiana.

It’s the greatest Italian food magazine of all time. All time, period!

It was founded in 1922 by a group of Italian intellectuals who recognized the unique stature of Italy’s gastronomy and cuisine.

It is the be-all end-all magazine for the best Italian recipes, the best Italian food photography, and the best feature stories about Italian cuisine, new trends in Italian cuisine, the history of Italian cuisines, and profiles of food and wine producers, chefs, restaurants, and restaurateurs. It’s also a leading Italian travel magazine and often features top destinations in Italy and abroad for Italian cuisine.

One of the coolest things about the magazine is that Italians love it.

It’s kind of like America’s National Geographic. If you’ve ever been over to someone’s home in Italy, you might have seen their collection of La Cucina Italiana, all lined up on a bookshelf just like you would see a collection of National Geographic in an American home. People often boast of how far back their archives stretches (some families we know even have issues from the pre-World War II era!).

We couldn’t have been more thrilled about having one of our wines featured in the current issue of the magazine. Our current-release Prosecco Colfòndo was the recommended pairing for one of this month’s featured recipes and dishes, “Grilled Cabbage topped with Trout Roe.” Sounds good, right?

The editor notes how the wine’s freshness and citrus character is ideal for the saltiness of the dish and the roe.

And here’s the tasting note:

“Fresh with citrus notes, dangerously drinkable.”

To be featured in such a special magazine, so closely identified with the best in Italian cookery, is a really and truly special honor for us at the winery. We couldn’t be more pleased.

And the pairing sounds 100 percent delish!

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