Joel Mack, leading American expert on Italian wine, explains Prosecco Col Fondo.

10 vecchie annate di prosecco colfondo

Bele Casel Prosecco Col Fondo: “A merry-go-round of complex aromas and tastes, orchard fruit, rising bread, floral scents, and bread crust.”

Joel Mack, one of America’s leading authorities on Italian wine, published an excellent overview of Prosecco Col Fondo this week in the Italo-Americano.

Here’s an excerpt of his piece (which is only available in print), including a tasting note for Bele Casel Col Fondo. THANK YOU, Joel!

“Col fondo means ‘with sediment,’ that is to say, Prosecco Col Fondo is bottled on its own yeasts, i.e., sur-lie, undergoing a second fermentation in bottle… Yeasts consume sugars, slowly creating carbon dioxide gas and — voilà — bubbles. Spent yeasts remain in bottle, a part of ‘col fondo’ goodness. The result is an intense, complex Prosecco with a decidedly unique personality.”

“Prosecco Col Fondo provides a different sensory experience from Charmat produced Prosecco. If you’re used to the extreme clarity of the latter, don’t be surprised by the beautifully pale Prosecco Col Fondo, a result of its retention of sediment in bottle. Do expect from Prosecco Col Fondo complexity and exquisite texture, notes of bread crust, yeast, ripe fruit and bright acidity.”

“As is true of Prosecco in general, Prosecco Col Fondo is not just for celebratory quaffing. Prosecco are indeed great food wines, cleaning the palate, leaving it refreshed and ready to fully taste next bites. But, I must tell you, Prosecco Col Fondo is truly one of Italy’s ‘pairs with anything’ wines and is to be enjoyed throughout the full meal. Prosecco Col Fondo grandly accompanies foods from gourmet burgers to charcuterie to pasta dishes, fish, and spicy Asian and Indian cuisine.”

And here is Joel’s tasting note for Bele Casel Colfòndo (thank you, Joel!):

“And they say Nebbiolo changes in the glass!? A merry-go-round of complex aromas and tastes, orchard fruit, rising bread, floral scents, and bread crust. Elegant, at moments delicate, with palate-cleansing crispness and splendid texture.”

About Joel Mack, from the about page on his excellent wine blog Vintrospective: “Joel Mack is a freelance journalist and consultant focusing on the wines of Italy. He has studied Italy’s wines, wine regions and native wine grapes at Vinitaly International Academy in Verona, Italy, earning certification as Italian Wine Ambassador.”

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