Eataly! Look for our wines at the Los Angeles location!

bele casel eataly los angeles

The concept has reshaped the way Italians, Americans, and the WORLD understand Italian gastronomy and cuisine.

Eataly in Los Angeles, one of the latest locations of the now world-famous chain of food pavilions to open, now carries Bele Casel!

We have to admit that we were a little bit giddy and that we had to pinch ourselves more than once when we rolled up to the new location in Los Angeles, California, where we led a wine tasting of our products yesterday evening (thank you again, Chambers and Chambers, for organizing such an unforgettable event!).

In case you never visited one, the concept is simple: It’s like a university campus or a very sophisticated food court where Italian food sellers and restaurants line the floor. The idea, according to the owners, is to recreate a classic Italian village: There’s a fruit and vegetable seller, there’s a cheese monger, there’s a butcher, there’s a fish monger, there’s a pasta-focused restaurant, there’s a seafood-focused restaurant (with crudo bar, perfect for our wines!), there’s a butcher, and there’s a steakhouse. In other words, it’s the closest you can get to Italian food without going to Italy.

And by the way, the concept is extremely popular in Italy as well, with many locations, including the most celebrated one in Rome.

In fact, just outside of Bologna, the owners have also now launched FICO, which expands on the original concept. At FICO you actually walk on to an Italian farm and ranch where fruits and vegetables and cattle and pigs are raised. You can watch a cheese monger crafting mozzarella, for example, and you can see how pasta is rolled out and sliced, just to give you a few examples of how exciting it is.

We couldn’t be more thrilled to be part of the new Los Angeles location. It was, really and truly, one of the most exciting tastings we have every led!

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