Memorial Day is a great holiday for Prosecco!

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Whether poolside or on the beach, Prosecco is a great way to kick off the summer.

Memorial Day, of course, is a national holiday in America. It’s a day when Americans commemorate members of the military who have given their lives for their country.

But it’s also marks the unofficial start of summer. School is out by the time the holiday rolls around (the last Monday in May) and it’s the first long weekend of the post-school calendar. It’s also the time that a lot of Americans go on vacation or fill their swimming pools for the first time every year. It’s also the first time that many Americans go to the beach. And perhaps, most importantly, it’s when Americans begin to fire up their grills and start grilling each year!

The holiday also marks the beginning of summer temperatures. And that means that people will be reaching increasingly for sparkling wine — wine to drink at outdoor events, wine to drink poolside, and wine that has a wide range of pairing options.

That’s why Prosecco is such a great wine for the holiday and the summer parties that follow.

It’s low in alcohol. Usually around 11 percent. It doesn’t “weigh you down” and you can drink more of it without feeling the effects.

It’s extremely fresh. You need that freshness to go with the foods of summer. It may not go with the grilled steaks you are making for the long weekend. But just think how well it goes with grilled corn or even bbq ribs!

It’s a crowd pleaser. When the wine is good, EVERYONE loves a Prosecco. From the casual wine lover and wine drinker, Prosecco is a wine appreciated by everyone (especially when it’s Bele Casel!).

It’s low cost. It’s an affordable wine that doesn’t break the bank, especially when you have a big crowd of people.

Happy Memorial Day to all our friends in the U.S.! And happy summer!

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