DBGItalia: Tasting notes for Bele Casel current releases by David Berry Green

colfondo 2015

DBGItalia is owned and run by leading British wine authority David Berry Green, who has lived in Italy since 2009. Here are his tasting notes for Bele Casel current release wines.

Prosecco Asolo Superiore Extra Dry (16 grams RS) – tasted in March ’18, from 3 tanks prior to bottling (soon!); vintage 2017 frost & drought, save some drizzle at the end of the summer to alleviate the stress; blended together, largely from the Cornuda & Maser comunes, on grey & red clay soils, giving orange slice & white stone, bianco spina/blackthorn flower, nettle & lime, a bunch of spring flowers, emphatic, energetico!

Prosecco Asolo Superiore Extra Brut (4 grams RS) – tasted March ’18 from tank, from 2017 vintage, spring bottling. From the lofty east facing Monfumo vyd – hit hard by frost in 2017, so none for the Extra Dry – at 150m asl, planted with Glera, Perera, Bianchetta, Rabbiosa. Extra Brut is stonier, drier, with notable nettle, creamy leesy notes, almost Moscato-esque, with white flower perfume, stylish too, white peach (vs the yellow of the Extra Dry), more detail, pinpoint, a fine boules/bubbles!

Prosecco Asolo Superiore Dry Millesimato – none produced due to 2017 frost!
Prosecco Asolo Colfòndo (secco) – tasted March ’18 from bottle (bottled in May ’17); 11% abv, secco; 10 months on fondo in bottle (May’17 to March’18), from the trickier, downy mildew-hit 2016 vintage. One must remember to gently turn the bottle over to put the lees back in suspension, enriching the wine & creating a more complex, sapid flavour spectrum! On the nose, biscotti, freshly made bread, some mandarin as well as sapid, crunchy, nettle, frizzante (less fizz) fine, more of a still wine! Complex, needs food/appetisers!

Prosecco Asolo Colfòndo ‘Quindici’ (secco) – tasted from bottle in March ’18, but not due out until autumn 2018; compared to the more challenging 2016 vintage, 2015 (‘Quindici’) was a breeze! At a glance, it’s more complete, riper, cleaner, much more complex, brimming with white currant character & refinement. Very good.
Prosecco Asolo Colfòndo (2010) – a fascinating treat to be offered an eight year old Asolo Colfondo frizzante; much more savoury now, more fieno/hay, yet the fruit is strangely candied, citrus pith, licorizia, sapidity…

Prosecco Asolo Superiore ‘Vecchie Uve’ (secco) – an anteprima/sneak preview, tasted from tank in March ’18, where it will remain on its lees until 2019. A 2017 vintage blend of ancient Asolo Prosecco varieties Glera, Perera, Bianchetta, Boschera, Rabbiosa, Manzoni, harvested from their vineyards in the villages of Monfumo, Maser & Cornuda. Slightly more intense in colour, it brims with fieno/hay complexity, essential oils, straw, ‘prato di montagne’, tiglio/lime flower & Artemisia (floral)complexity. Fantastico, rich with complexity & sapidity (0RS)

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