Sparkling wine for a sparkling Fourth of July!

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Happy Independence Day to all our friends in America!

Sparkling wine always makes the party better. And there’s no better holiday to sparkle than the Fourth of July, Independence Day, the national holiday commemorating the birth of the United States of America in 1776. It’s the day when America adopted the Declaration of Independence and asserted its own sovereignty (for those of you not familiar with American history).

And although you may call us biased, we believe there’s no better sparkling wine for your Fourth of July bbq than Prosecco!

Here are just some of the reasons why:

1. Prosecco is arguably America’s favorite bubbly wine. After nearly three decades since it first became popular in the U.S., Americans drink more Prosecco than any other wine in the sparkler category.

2. Prosecco is extremely versatile at the dinner table. No matter what you’re cooking for your Fourth of July party, Prosecco’s vibrant acidity and classic citric flavors go great with a wide variety of foods. We are particularly fond of Prosecco paired with tangy bbq sauce, among other classic dishes served for the holiday.

3. Prosecco isn’t expensive. When you’re entertaining for your Fourth of July celebration (or you’re heading to someone else’s July 4 party), you need a wine that’s not going to break the bank. You need a wine that a lot of people will like but that doesn’t cost too much. Prosecco fits the bill (excuse the pun) perfectly.

4. Prosecco is a wine for summer. Low in alcohol and always fresh on the nose and on the palate, Prosecco is the kind of wine you can enjoy liberally without being overwhelmed by the alcohol. We always recommend drinking in moderation but when it comes to Prosecco, you can enjoy the wine without being weighed down by too much alcohol.

Happy Fourth of July to all of our friends in America! Wishing you a sparkling Independence Day!

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