Asolo is one of Italy’s most beautiful villages

Da vedere ad Asolo Villa Maser

The town is included among the “Borghi Più Belli d’Italia.”

Asolo is pronounced AH-zoh-loh. It’s one of the most beautiful places to visit in Veneto, the region where we live, grow our grapes, and make our wine. It’s also the township that gives its name to our wine: Asolo Prosecco (it’s one of the 3 townships where Prosecco DOCG can be made).

And it’s also one of the famous “Borghi Pìu Belli d’Italia,” an official registry and association of the most beautiful Italian villages and towns that have retained their original character. To visit one of the towns in the registry is to take a trip back in time and experience Italy the way it was before the world wars and even beyond.

According to the association’s website, “it was founded in 2001 for the initiative of ANCI (the National Association of Italian Municipalities) with the aim of valorizing and promoting the great historic, artistic and cultural heritage of the Italian small centers. It consists of 281 selected and certified Borghi, whose distinctive trait is BEAUTY and which represent the concept of Made in Italy as an expression of the Italian excellence.”

Of the 20 regions of Italy, the region where we live, Veneto, has ten villages in the registry.

No one knows the exact origin of the town’s name other than the fact that it was known as Acelum in the Roman era and that Roman writers, Pliny included, sang its praises.

Renowned for its spectacular views of the Po River Valley, it was already considered a “gem” of a city during the Middle Ages. And by the Renaissance it had become the favorite summer vacation spot for Queen Catherine Cornaro who held her summer court there. It was there that the great Renaissance Venetian poet Pietro Bembo set his famous “Asolani” (named after the town). In his work, he alternates love poems with prose passages devoted to the notion of Platonic love.

In the last century, many famous people lived and stayed there. The great actress Eleonora Duse is probably the most famous.

Today, Asolo remains one of the most beautiful places in Italy to visit.

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