Best beach wine? It’s got to be Prosecco!

beach wine

Thanks to Prosecco’s low alcohol, freshness, approachability, and affordability, it could be the perfect wine for the beach.

Headed to the beach? Just like many of us in Italy, many of our friend in the United States will be heading to the coast to get a break from the heat and to relax.

When heading to the beach — whether on the ocean, on a lake, on one of America’s many beautiful rivers, on the Gulf of Mexico, or on the Gulf of California (in Baja California) — or even if you’re just spending time poolside, you need a wine that’s low in alcohol (so you can drink a lot of it without it weighing you down); a wine that’s fresh, because freshness is key when you are outdoors in the sun and in the hot weather; and you need a wine that everyone (adults, of course) will like.

That’s why Prosecco could be the “perfect beach wine.”

The other thing you need is a wine that doesn’t cost a lot. And that’s another reason why Prosecco is such a great wine for summer, when picnics and outdoor grilling are the order of the day.

People ask us all the time: What’s your favorite wine or what’s the best wine in the world?

Our answer? It depends on where we are drinking it, what we are pairing it with, and with whom we are enjoying it?

When it comes to the beach, lake, river, or pool, it’s just got to be Prosecco!

And by the way, for our California friends who are eating grilled Pacific Ocean fish and fish tacos and for our east coast friends, who will be eating lobster rolls and steamed crabs, Prosecco is one of the world’s greatest fish and seafood wines. So what could be better for summer and the beach than Prosecco?

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