The Crow: “It can’t rain all the time.” Prosecco Diaries May 2018

Rain made our work in May very challenging.

Despite the line from The Crow, “it can’t rain all the time,” May gave us some big rain days, as you can see in the graph below.

Work on the new plantings in our Monfumo vineyard are going slowly because we can work the earth with a bulldozer. What was supposed to be 20 days of work is now becoming two months of our time to get the site ready for planting.

Budding has been moving as fast as our work in Monfumo is slow. We are having trouble keeping up with everything we need to do in a timely manner: Desuckering, fastening the ties, spraying, and managing the grass between the rows. Every job keeps getting pushed back, day after day.

Flowering took place on May 21 in our Caerano vineyard. It’s always the earliest to flower. If we consider that as a rule of thumb, harvest comes 100 days after flowering, we should be picking the last week of August.

It’s incredible how much the month of May speeded up a vegetative cycle that started late.

May 2 – Desuckering has begun.

May 4: In the following order, Glera, Marzemina Bianca, and Rabbiosa. It’s interesting to see how each grape variety has a different rhythm with respect to the others.

May 7 – Our Prà Grande vineyard, before and after. We certainly couldn’t cut those marvelous flowers. So we decided just to do a little cleaning underneath the rows.

May 14 – A press tour organized by the Consortium Asolo Montello, our consortium, with English and American journalists. A stop to see our Monfumo vineyard is mandatory.

May 15 – We are hoping, with all our heart, that it stops raining soon.

May 18 – Before and after fastening the ties.

18 Maggio: È decisamente difficile stare tranquilli con questo tempo

May 21 – Flowering in our Caerano vineyard has begun.

May 30 – Following flowering, the Glera fruit set has begun.

Author: Bele Casel

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