Hail and rain in June but we were spared any major damage. Prosecco Diaries 2018

It’s been a very strange year weather-wise. But we were spared any major damage.

We will remember the summer of 2018 as one of the most unstable seasons in recent years. Rain and hail were abundant during the month of June.

Hail only marginally affected our vineyards, with minimal damage. We didn’t have any major problems with peronospora and we were able to act quickly to curb any problems we had due to the rains.

The vegetation is very lush and the vines continue to push in part thanks to the abundant water in the soil. We will probably have to trim again to keep the bunches as ventilated as possible.

June 11 – We are trimming the vineyard in Monfumo again.

June 13 – We welcome our new weather station in our Monfumo vineyard. When you have vineyards that lie far away from the winery like we do, it’s very important to know exactly what the weather conditions are so that you can be as precise as possible in caring for the vines. Thank you, iFarming!

June 14 – in the following order: Rabbiosa, Marzemina Bianca, Glera, Perera and Bianchetta.



Bianchetta Trevigiana


Marzemina Bianca

June 18 – Our Prà Grande vine in Monfumo after many hours of work.

June 28 – Yesterday there was light hail in the Cornuda vineyard. We are sprinkling zeolite (crushed rock) to dry and heal the wounds.

June 30 – Our new vineyard Vinga Longon finally shows off its beauty. It’s an amphitheater that I hope will give us some great wines.

Author: Bele Casel

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