Harvest in Asolo began 10 days ago.

The 2018 vintage will be remembered as a challenging one but Bele Casel has been extremely fortunate.

Harvest in Asolo began 10 days ago.

You may have noticed that there’s not been much action on the usually very busy Bele Casel social media. That’s because everyone in the family — mom, dad, and all kids and grandkids — are busy picking and sorting the grapes that will become the 2018 vintage.

The Ferraro family is always 100 percent transparent about growing conditions and the challenges of weather in the era of climate change.

Month by month, they chronicle the vegetative cycle, as it is called in wine parlance. And they also write openly about weather patterns. Whether on the winery’s Facebook (which includes its Instagram feed) or grower Luca’s Facebook, you’ll always find wonderful images of the vineyards. And it’s not just limited to beautiful shots of the grapes or the many little animals they discover living in their organically farmed vineyards.

Luca and his family also post regularly about rain and hail. And the write openly about their fears and concerns.

One of the big events of this harvest was the installation of an automated weather station in their Monfumo vineyard, which lies a sizable distance from their home and winery. The station allows them to monitor the weather as well as the humidity and temperature. Thanks to the information they receive, they know if and when they need to rush to the vineyard to check for any issues.

“We work under the sky,” Luca often says. In other words, the grape grower can’t always control what happens in her or his vineyards. There was a lot of rain this year across Prosecco country and there was some serious hail. Bele Casel and the Ferraro family were extremely fortunate though and they are really happy with the results of their harvest (as you can see by the image of the grapes above).

We’ll be posting their harvest notes as soon as they have time to post them!

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