Slow Wine tasting, Saturday, October 13, in Montecatini (Tuscany)

Arguably the best and biggest tasting of artisanal wineries in Italy.

The Slow Wine annual Slow Wine Tasting will take place on Saturday, October 13, in Montecatini in Tuscany. Montecatini is known for its hot springs and “restorative” waters (some may remember that Federico Fellini’s masterpiece, the film “8½” starring Marcello Mastroianni is set there).

Bele Casel is one of the wineries awarded the coveted “Snail” prize this year. And we will be at this year’s tasting, of course! it’s really one of the best Italian wine tastings we’ve ever attended, partly because of the size but mostly because of the “slow” nature and character of the wines.

Here’s the complete list of 2018 winners.

And here are details and registration for the October 13 tasting.

Slow Wine is part of the Slow Food movement.

Slow Food was established in Italy in the late 1980s by founder Carlo Petrini to counter the “fastfoodization” of Italy.

In 1986, after one of the world’s leading chains of fast food restaurants opened a franchise at the foot of the Spanish Steps in Rome (the Trinità del Monte as it is known in Italian), Petrini decided that he had to do something to organize opposition. It’s not hard to imagine, btw, which fast food company it was. And it was and is a complete eyesore in what is otherwise considered the most beautiful city in the world.

In what proved to be a true stroke of genius, he called his nascent movement the “slow food” movement: Not only does the name evoke the association’s ethos but its symbol and mascot — the snail — is literally the embodiment of the association’s mission and purpose.

The little animal moves slowly through the vineyards and avoids those where pesticides have been used.

The Slow Wine guide has been published each year since the late 2000s. And it’s become — hands down — the most important guide to the wines of Italy in the world. It’s also translated into English each year.

According to its editors, the top prize goes to wineries that balance respect for the environment and sustainable farming with high-quality wines that remain affordable to everyday people. We couldn’t be more thrilled to be the recipient, yet again, this year. It’s a great club to belong to. On 10 percent or so of the wineries included in the guide receive this top prize. It’s really meaningful to us.

Thank you, Slow Wine! We are proud to be a snail!


Author: Bele Casel

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  1. Mary Ann a Camarda on 8 October 2018 at 13:39 Reply

    how can i get to this event from Florence? Can I take the train from Santa Maria train station
    Please let me know?

    • Bele Casel on 9 October 2018 at 9:36 Reply

      Dear Mary Ann,

      You can take the Regionale train Firenze S.M. – Viareggio, and stop at Montecatini centro. There’ll be taxis there that will take you to Terme Tettuccio

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