Solidarity is what we needed in the very challenging month of July. Prosecco Diaries 2018.


July was one of the most difficult months we can remember.

Solidarity in the form of Solidarietà, a local business, was a bright spot in an otherwise extremely challenging months in the vineyards.

We will remember the month of July for its high temperatures and its hailstorms. There were two extreme events that were combined together and the amount of rainfall was truly significant.

We tried to limit the impact as much as possible by leaving the grapes covered by the vines’ leaves. By doing so, we hoped to avoid exposure to too much burning sunlight and what would be a subsequent drop in acidity.

This year, the vines are particularly lush and the canopy management will be crucial to getting the grapes in good condition at the end of the vegetative cycle.

Rains and high temperatures have brought on an attack of peronospora on the suckers, especially in our Monfumo vineyard. We’ll have to see if there will be an effect on the sugar level since the new leaves have been compromised and they won’t do much photosynthesis.

July 5 – Hail and rain. The vineyard in Maser was the one most impacted by the hail. In Monfumo, there were problems only because of the massive amount of water that fell in such a short time period.

Here’s a video from our Cornuda vineyard.

Luckily there wasn’t any major damage.

Vigna Vecchia di Monfumo: Video

No damage. These are old Bianchetta vines.

Video from our Prà Grande vineyard.

Here the hail definitely struck harder than in the other vineyards. But the damage was still light.

Video from Vigna Monfumo Longon.

Nearly 100 mm of rain in just 20 minutes or so. The damage is owed to the city road here.

Video from Maser.

This is the vineyard that suffered the most.

July 11 – The leaves tell us a lot about the health of the vines. Here, for example, there is a clear lack of magnesium.

July 16 – Another big rainstorm. This time Monfumo was the vineyard that got the most rain. Luckily, there was no damage to the vineyards.

Just to give you an idea of how severe the weather was, here are screenshots from the Bassano and Pedmontana del Grappa weather forecast.

July 31 – This was a truly special day for us and it really touched our hearts. The people from the cooperative Solidarietà came to visit us. They’re based in Treviso and they have been making our neck takers for our ColFondo for years. Solidarietà, which means Solidarity in English, has been working in our area for 35 years. Their goal is to “make a cultural contribution through social inclusion.” It was a great pleasure for us to show them our winery and spend some time with them and get to know them better.

Author: Bele Casel

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