Houston, we have a Prosecco Col Fondo!

Bele Casel’s wines are finally available in the Texas market!

Houston, we have a problem. You’ve all heard the iconic expression.

Well, now, we are proud to say that Space City, Texas now has our wine: Houston, we have a Prosecco Colfòndo!

Everyone in the wine business will tell you that Texas is one of the hardest markets to break into. But we finally did it. Our wines are now officially available in the state for the first time.

Those are a couple of bottles of our Prosecco Colfòndo as spotted recently on the shelves of Vinology in the Bayou City, as it is known. Vinology is an artisanal wine bar and wine shop focused on natural, organic, biodynamic, and sustainably farmed wines. We couldn’t be in better company.

H-Town, another one of its nicknames, is currently the fourth largest city in the United States. And it will soon surpass Chicago to become its third largest. Together with Austin, it’s the fastest growing city in the U.S. as well.

During the financial crisis (some may remember that Lehman Brothers officially went bankrupt in September of 2008, 10 years ago this month), tens of thousands of Americans moved to Houston. And with them also came literally hundreds of food and wine professionals who left the coasts in search of better job opportunities. The migration of food and wine people from New Orleans after Katrina only contributed to the growth of the food and wine community there.

What was once a oil and gas hub in fly-over country is today a major destination for food and wine tourism. The city is also home to what is now the largest medical center in the world and is one of the leading cancer research and cardiological research centers.

We couldn’t be more thrilled that our wines are available in this cutting-edge American city that celebrity chef David Chang recently called the “most interesting food city in America.”


Author: Bele Casel

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