Chestnut trees remind us of our history and heritage: Prosecco Diaries August 2018

August saw a lot of rain and it made our work even harder.

Caring for the chestnut trees (below) makes us remember our history and heritage. It was just one of the highlights from a challenging but rewarding month in the 2018 vintage.

August is the month when you begin to feel the harvest approaching.

It’s the time when you concentrate on preparing the vines and making harvest easier by mowing the grasses between the rows, trimming the canopy, and removing the weeds around the vines.

As you can see from the graphic below, at the end of the month, there was a concentration of rains, just a few hours before the beginning of the most difficult period of the year.

The grapes will be inundated with a lot of water. We will put off the beginning of the harvest for a few days so that the soil can dry and so that the vines get some light and some warmth from the sun.

August 13 – Our ColFòndo appeared in the pages of Vanity Fair (Italian version)!

August 17 – Weed management during the first year after planting is somewhat delicate. The small cuttings need light and they need to be unencumbered by competition from other plants in order to grow well and quickly.

Because we are an organic estate, we cannot use herbicides. So we have to remove all the weeds by hand. As you see, certain patches remain but they will be removed soon thanks to a second pass with a harrow.

August 20 – The vines planted on steep slopes need to be constantly cared for and maintained. This was the second time we went through the vineyards with a small tractor specialized for difficult-to-work vineyards like this.

August 24 – A photo from our Prà Grande vineyard in Monfumo. It’s time to figure out how the Bianchetta Trevigiana is doing and it’s time to mow the grass.

August 29 – The thing that makes a small winery stand apart is the fact that it never considers anything or anyone to be just a number. One of the nicest things for us is to welcome people who come to see us, even if just for a little while, without expecting anything in return. It was wonderful for us to receive these bottles of English sparkling wine directly from England. They were sent as a thank you for the time we spent together. We know we will really enjoy these, Charlie! Heartfelt thanks!

August 30 – The chestnut trees that surround our Cornuda vineyard have been there for hundreds of years. We are working to preserve them. The are an important part of the history and heritage of this place.

August 30 – In just a few hours the rains will come. We need to trim the canopy and mow the grass because next week we will begin harvesting and we need everything to be in order. This means that we are going to have to put in some serious over time.

August 31 – Thank you, Giulia, for this fantastic article on Scatti di Gusto.

Author: Bele Casel

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