Vanity Fair Italy features Bele Casel


It’s not every day that our wines are featured in a fashion magazine!

Vanity Fair Italia featured Bele Casel earlier this year in a feature story on Prosecco.

Click here for the link (in Italian) and the translation of the writer’s tasting notes follow below.

It’s so wonderful to see high-profile magazines like this feature wines like Prosecco. It wasn’t so long ago that it would have been unthinkable for a fashion magazine to feature wine at all, let alone Prosecco.

But as wine has become more and more mainstream, we have been seeing more and more articles like this one by Anna Mazzotti.

“It’s the most well known Italian sparkling wine in the world,” she writes. “Fresh, aromatic, ‘democratic,’ and very versatile… You pull the cork and the party immediately begins. Fresh, light, lively, fruity, and with floral notes. Prosecco is the most approachable of all sparkling wines and it’s conquered not just Italy but also the world as it has become a true phenomenon… an icon of Italian lifestyle.”

Tasting note:

It’s fresh, dry, and lively, rich with notes of fruit. It’s a Prosecco dei Colli Asolani, re-fermented in bottle and unfiltered.

This Prosecco “Colfondo” was inspired by a desire to bottle the character of the land, in the most natural way possible, using only natural yeasts.

The second fermentation takes place in the bottle, without filtration.

The unique thing about this wine is that you can drink it clear or you can drink it cloudy by turning the bottle upside down.

Made with the Glera grapes and old grape varieties (Bianchetta Trevigiana and Perera), this wine is straw yellow in color, although sometimes lightly veiled. It’s a wine that’s still evolving, with fresh and fruit notes on the nose that only become more complex as the wine ages. It has lingering mineral flavor on the palate, with notes of bread crust and a slight bitterness.

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