Prosecco Diaries: September

No need to tell you that September is the month of harvest, right?
This year it has been very challenging, we focused on finding the best timing to pick grapes, as acidity was decresing day by day. Frenetic times for almost 3 weeks
Two rainy days have interrupeted the working rhytm and forced us to review our plans
Healthy and rich grapes. The expectations are very high





3 September: Weather has been forgiving today, we covered the trailer just in case it rains on the way home


4 September: Her majesty, Glera


The steepness of the vineyards of Monfumo is always tough

We’re worried about the weather situation, can you blame us? We thought a hurricane was going to strike our vineyards, in the end it just drizzled


Rain forced us to take a break from harvest, so we did everything we couldn’t do during those days


The nights spent in front of the press. This is a vacuum system press, that crushes the grapes in a much more gentle way than the usual presses


6 September: harvest in the vineyard of Cornuda continues


in the meantime in the afternoon, while the rest of the group continued picking Glera grapes, I spent some time with a couple from the US who decided to get engaged in our vineyard in Monfumo. Who would have thought we’d become part of one of the happiest days of these guys’ lives?

And for this reason, we decided to do something special. We customised the label of our Extra Dry with their names


8 September: Work in progress in the Longon vineyard


10 September: Precious mascot in Monfumo


15 September: Grape marcs ferment in the vineyard, it will become a natural fertiliser


17 September: The last bunch of Glera grapes of the season

vintage notes italy


18 September: Our Extra Dry poured at the Mayfair Restaurant in Melbourne


19 September: Time to concentrate on the soil. We’re getting ready to plant the cover crop


21 September: The very last bunch of harvest 2018. Rabbiosa grapes


Author: Bele Casel

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