Crown (cap) to ColFondo Colli Trevigiani

corona ColFondo colli trevigiani

In a couple of months our ColFondo will go from Asolo Prosecco to Colli Trevigiani IGT

Nothing will change, the grapes will still be picked from our vineyards, and we’ll make wine with the same care as always. The “only” thing is that we won’t be able to call it PROSECCO anymore, and we invite you to do the same.

Since the traditional areas of Prosecco (Asolo and Conegliano-Valdobbiadene) have become DOCG, we’ve worked to give you a Prosecco that focused on the terroir, not only in the glass but also on the label. We’ve always been very proud to live in a place that is so steeped in history and that can give a Prosecco Superiore with such great personality. So much so that we removed the word Prosecco from the Vecchie Uve‘s label.

vecchie uve

What will we get and lose from this tiny revolution?

Crown cap

We’ve always used cork, mainly bacasse we wanted to write “Asolo Docg” on the label. In our minds, the best closure for this type of wine is the crown cap, though. Just think that all the Traditional methods aka Méthode Champenoise (like Cava or Champagne) from all over the world use cork only after the disgorgement, and not for quality reasons for sure.

Who better than Paolo De Marchi from Isole e Olena, could explain the benefits of a technical closure? This video is enlightening

Freedom of speech

Being part of an appellation has many benefits but, inevitably holds one back from trying to express themselves and giving personality to a standardised wine. No closure, other than cork, is allowed in the Prosecco DOCG. The goal of every consortium should be to reach global recognition, with all the pros and cons that this entails.

Will we lose consent?

We are aware of the fact that, especially the average consumer, is attached to the poetry that’s behind the cork, to the sound the bottles makes when they pop a bottle open. Crown cap has very little appeal, we know. The large-scale industry had started to use it consistently for low quality wines, mainly to cut costs. This brought as a result, to a terrible perceived value of this closure that, in fact, has no competitor.

We are ready to take the risk, we might lose some of our customers to gain more in a future that is leading to the technical closures.

Tasting 10 vintages

10 vecchie annate di prosecco colfondo

What gave us the boost to step into this new world for us, has been a vertical of 10 vintages of ColFondo we did with mum and dad. Cork and three different kinds of crown cap. With no doubt the ones that gave more intact and alive wines were the technical closures.


It is clear that it is easier to promote a sparkling wine made with the Martinotti Method, instead of a cloudy, bone dry and unconventional wine. What is pushing us towards this path is our being proud of our rural roots. We will work beside the appellations to make everybody understand how important it is to listen to the basis, to the small producers, to the families who have maintained a passion and tradition alive in the area.

We will show everybody once again, how much this wine can give value not only to the people who produce it, but to the whole territory.

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