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A cold April

prosecco freeze best

After a winter that wasn’t wintry, we then had a spring with out-of-control temperatures. On April 16 and 17, the thermometer dropped to below freezing.

Many of the growers on the valley floor suffered damages to their vineyard because of the freeze. This is due to nighttime drainage of cold air along the slopes.

prosecco freeze 1

Fortunately, in our case, we only suffered damage in the vines that we planted last year and it was limited to the leaves closest to the ground. Luckily, we didn’t suffer any serious damage from the freezing air.

We’ll see what happens in coming weeks. All we can do at present is hope for the best.

prosecco freeze 3 —Luca Ferraro grape grower and winemaker

Prosecco diaries: March 2014

vine bud spring italy

March 7 – fuzzy buds.

bud growth spring italy vine

March 10 – bud growth in 3 days. faggot vine grapeMarch 11 – we found some Perera canes that we will graft on to some old vines in our Monfumo vineyard.

bud break 2014 italy

March 12 – the buds begin to change color.

beautiful italian vineyards

March 13 – flowers are important in the vineyard.

vineyard weather station

March 14 – having a weather station in the vineyards means making an investment toward protecting the environment and saving money. We have had this station up and running in the vineyard for three years now and we are really happy with the work it does. We can monitor the data with our phones and we decide whether or not to treat the vineyards using this information.

video vineyard prosecco

March 22 – we began working the soil beneath the rows (click here for video).

complete bud leaf vine italy

March 22 – the little leaves are already fully extended and you can see the cluster.

removing dead vines

March 28 – we removed dead vines with a mechanical shovel.

Luca Ferraro grape grower and winemaker

Vegetative cycle far ahead of the norm for 2014

prosecco harvest 2014

Above: a photo taken in the vineyards on March 22. The leaves are already extended and the bunch is already visible, notes grape grower and winemaker Luca Ferraro.

According to his data from previous vintages, Bele Casel grape grower and winemaker Luca Ferraro notes that, as of March 17, the 2014 vegetative cycle is nearly one month more advanced than last year.

It’s roughly eleven days more advanced than 2012. (Note: we are currently in the process of migrating the entire archive of Luca’s “Prosecco Diaries” to this site.)

Warm winter and early spring temperatures have given growers some concern because if the cycle continues at this rate, it could greatly shorten the ripening period.

Warm weather causes concern

bud break 2014 vintage italy

Across Italy, there is concern among grape growers and winemakers because of the unseasonal warm weather.

While there have been rain and some snow, temperatures have not fallen to their average levels for February.

And in some cases, the vines are already starting to show some signs of activity, like this tiny bud.

Bele Casel grape grower and winemaker Luca Ferraro took this photo earlier this week.

And as you can see, it’s just a tiny bud when compared with the size of his hand.

If cold weather doesn’t arrive soon, there could be issues with the vegetative cycle of the vines.

Luca posted this photo on the Bele Casel Facebook on Monday, when he took it.

As always, the Bele Casel social media are intended as a platform to share the true story — however challenging — of what goes into the Ferraro family’s wines.

Luca’s notes from December in the vineyards

December is the month when we traditionally begin pruning.

snake skin

December 10 – We found a snake’s skin in the vineyards.

green manure

December 12 – The cover crop continues to grow.

new vineyard

December 17 – A date that I will remember for a very long time. After visiting this vineyard (above), which was up for sale, we decided to do something crazy (given the economic times): we took out a second mortgage so that we could buy it. It’s one hectare in size and is not suitable for tractors. We’ll be spending a lot of time in this vineyard over the next few years.

freezing temperatures

December 19 – Temperatures have dropped below freezing but we continue to prune like there’s no tomorrow.

sunrise prosecco

December 20 – Tomorrow always comes sometimes it amazes you with its beauty.

children vineyard

December 22 – Our children get a taste of the work that awaits them in a few years.