Our wines are made from organic farmed grapes, deeply rooted in the Asolo DOCG area. Five wines that express our idea of Prosecco, strengthen the connection with our land, hold our commitment to enhance the historical varietals both in the vineyard, in the winery and finally in the glass

Asolo Prosecco DOCG ColFondo

bottiglia prosecco colfondo

Our ColFondo is born from the selection of the best grapes of the ancient vineyards in Monfumo. A mix of Glera and the old local varieties (Bianchetta Trevigiana, Perera, Rabbiosa, Marzemina Bianca). The sediment, other than being a natural preservative, give strength and longevity to this Asolo Prosecco. We suggest you gently turn the bottle upside down so to make it cloudy.

Asolo DOCG Vecchie Uve

Asolo DOCG Vecchie Uve

The latest one, a new arrival that rediscovers the charm of the old local varieties that were at risk to be forgotten. A wine we have decided to make to raise the bar of the quality and the perceived value of a wine that, for too long, has been considered as “the cheap sparkling wine”. Vintage 2016, over a year aging on the lees in stainless steel vats, a year in the pressurized tank, and finally a year aging in the bottle. All this, makes it a perfect summary of our being winegrowers.

Asolo prosecco SUPERIORE DOCG Extra Brut

prosecco bele casel extra brut

A Prosecco that is able to distill all the qualities that distinguish Asolo land. The low residual sugar enhance the mineral features that are typical of our hills. The bubbles are elegant, soft and persistent and they remind of the landscapes that surround our vineyards.

Asolo prosecco SUPERIORE DOCG extra dry

prosecco bele casel extra dry

A Prosecco that is able to bring joy and freshness at the end of every meal. A string of bubbles that never lose sight of pleasure, elegance and sapidity. A sparkling wine to always have ready in the fridge to be uncorked at the first opportunity

Asolo prosecco SUPERIORE DOCG dry

prosecco belecasel dry millesimato

If we had to describe our Asolo Prosecco Dry in two words that would be “mineral and enjoyable”. The grapes from the old vineyard in Maser give complexity and structure to balance the residual sugar.